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Beat The Heat This Summer!

Is your HVAC system ready?

While there are some important spring HVAC maintenance tasks you can take on yourself, many others can only be safely performed by a professional. Ask about Hearth financing for tough jobs.

  • Replace the filter
  • Clean air return vents
  • Clean registers

  • Clean ductwork

  • Inspect and clean the outdoor condenser unit

Here are the important items that should be check by your HVAC pro in the spring:
  • Check refrigerant levels, test for and repair leaks
  • Inspect the compressor and motor
  • Replace worn belts and other parts
  • Inspect and straighten condenser fins
  • Clean the evaporator coil
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Be sure the condenser unit is level

Many HVAC service companies offer contracts that include twice-yearly system inspection and maintenance.  They may also offer discounts on products, parts, and services.  In addition to the potential savings, a contract can be a good way to ensure your system gets the preventative maintenance it needs to operate as efficiently and reliably as possible.

HVAC Service & Repair in Baton Rouge, Hammond, Kentwood, LA & Liberty, MS

The Montz Company has the experts to get the job done right

The HVAC system is an integral part in how comfortable your home feels. According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, 43 percent of the energy used in a home goes towards heating and cooling.

The Montz Company knows you need a reputable HVAC company in Baton Rouge, Hammond, Kentwood, LA or Liberty, MS, to repair and maintain your heating and air system. We are family-owned and operated and have been in the HVAC service industry for more than 19 years. Our Louisiana experts can install, repair and maintain any HVAC make and model.

Our experts help you save money

HVAC Service in Baton Rouge, Hammond, Kentwood, LA & Liberty, MS

HVAC systems typically last approximately 10 to 20 years and in addition to regular maintenance, there are ways to help your system reach its total life expectancy and reduce your energy costs such as:

  • Open your vents
The thought that closing the vents in your home to save on energy costs is a myth. Closing the vents can cause a multitude of problems ranging from increased duct leakage to a cracked heat exchanger. In addition to opening your vents, make sure to not block them with furniture or carpeting.

  • Use fans
Fans can be used in every season. Since heat rises, when you reverse the motion of a fan, it pushes the hot air down into the room. This can help keep the space warmer during the winter months.

  • Wrap up
Put an extra blanket on your bed at night or wrap up in one to reduce heating costs. In the summer months, set your thermostat higher when you leave.
Our experts will walk you through the thousands of ways to save energy costs in your Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, Hammond, Kentwood, LA or Liberty, MS, home. We want to maintain your heating and air system and help save you money to prevent a bigger HVAC disaster.

Servicing Baton Rouge, Kentwood and Hammond, LA

Trust our experts with your HVAC repairs

The Montz Company is a full-service HVAC company with highly qualified technicians. We know our prices are the best in the Baton Rouge, Hammond, Kentwood, LA & Liberty, MS, area. We sell equipment and parts with 10-year warranties and provide residential and commercial services as well as maintenance contracts and programs with specialized pricing for those who participate.
When your HVAC system is on the fritz, call The Montz Company for a free estimate. We guarantee your satisfaction because we stand behind our customer service and trained technicians.  Call us today to schedule an appointment for:

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